International medical tourism to Finland has a positive trend

International medical tourism to Finland developed in a positive way in 2023. Medical Tourism Association Finland updated its strategy for the coming years 2024 - 2026. New member companies joined the association and international medical tourism to Finland grew by 3% compared to 2022.

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The medical services offered to international patients expanded significantly in 2023 when companies Mehiläinen, Felicitas Mehiläinen and Wellnify became members of the Medical Tourism Association of Finland.

The leading provider of private medical care Mehiläinen offers international patients versatile specialist medical services, e.g. neurology, neurosurgery, gastroenterology and gastrosurgery, as well as pediatric and sports medicine services.

Felicitas Mehiläinen with over 30 years of experience is the leading fertility clinic in Finland. It provides a wide variety of fertility treatments ranging from basic infertility care to the most advanced IVF technology available today.

Medical facilitator Wellnify was founded by three experienced health and wellness tourism professionals in 2023.  Wellnify has solid cooperation relationships with Finnish health service providers and is able to offer customers significant added value by combining health services with, for example, wellness and leisure services, as well as handling travel arrangements.

Other members of the association are Cancer Clinic Docrates, Orthopaedic Hospital Orton, Wellbeing365 with addiction clinics and wellness services, Clinic Helena, which specialises in aesthetic surgery and the treatment of breast cancers in women, and medical facilitator Helena Medical Group.


Finland as the leading medical tourism destination in the Nordic region


Medical Tourism Association Finland has updated Finland's medical tourism strategy for the years 2024 – 2026. The goal is to develop Finland into the leading medical travel destination in the Nordic region and one of the most popular health travel destinations in Europe. The quality and safety of Finnish health services is one of the highest in the world. Doctors and nursing staff are highly professional and fluent in languages. Finland, which the international World Happiness Report chose as the happiest nation in the world for the sixth time, has a lot to offer foreign medical tourists.


Growth of medical tourism to Finland by 3% in 2023


The international turnover of Medical Tourism Association´s member companies’  was 8.52 million euros last year, which is +3% compared to the previous year. It is noteworthy that there was growth even though Russian customers no longer come to Finland. The majority of patients arrived from other Nordic countries and the most requested treatments were various cancer treatments and orthopedic treatments.

In the near future, Medical Tourism Association Finland expects the greatest growth to continue to come from other Nordic countries and other EU and EEA countries. The European Union's Cross-Border Healthcare directive enables patients to receive compensation from the health insurance fund of their country of residence when they seek medical treatment in another EU or EEA country.


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