About us

Medical Tourism Association Finland is promoting Finland as medical tourism destination. Our vision is to become the leading medical tourism destination in the Nordics and to be one of the most popular health destinations in Europe.

Smiling female doctor

Our mission is to help Finnish healthcare companies and their partners, providing additional services for international patients, in their internationalization process. We are focusing on building a safe and reliable medical travel care continuum for patients from abroad. We believe in partnerships domestically and internationally and in the power of working in networks.

In 2024  Medical Tourism Association Finland is working in collaboration with its´ members on following key areas:

  • Developing medical service products suitable for international patients
  • Building partnerships between healthcare companies and other service providers in Finland and abroad
  • Ensuring excellent customer experience

Our common aim is to provide foreign patients with medical services that are developed upon consistent, ethical, safe and transparent practises. Our priority is to provide each patient with smooth and secure medical travel care continuum from the first contact at hospital or medical facilitator till last follow-up at home. Medical Tourism Association Finland´s operation and activities are financed by member companies.

Medical Tourism Association Finland (Suomen Terveysmatkailu Ry) was founded in 2018 by Finnish hospitals, clinics and travel operators working in healthcare industry. It was a mutual desire to establish an organization, representing and lobbying companies´ common interests and support companies´ internationalizing process. The idea was supported by the governmental agency Business Finland, directed by the Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

Branding Finland as medical tourism destination is carried out in close co-operation with Visit Finland at Business Finland. Visit Finland has been investing in promotion of the country as leisure travel destination for several years. The promotion programme as medical tourism destination was launched in 2017.