Our members

Medical Tourism Association Finland´s members are public and private hospitals and clinics along with medical facilitators, providing consultancy and various pre and post services in patient´s medical travel care continuum.


Committed to your health – Aava is a Family owned Finnish health care company and one of the largest chains of private medical centres in Finland.

Amber Life

Amber Life is a personal medical and health tourism service, which enables you to get the best possible medical care you need.

Clinic Helena

Women Health Clinic Helena is one of the most experienced providers of health and medical services for women in Finland.

Docrates Cancer Center

Docrates Cancer Center is an international hospital in Helsinki, Finland, specializing in cancer treatment.

Eira Hospital

Eira Hospital and Medical Center is a renowned private medical facility located in southern Helsinki offering wide-ranging medical services and surgical excellence in all key care areas.

Helena Medical Group

Helena Medical Group can provide medical services in Finland for patients from around the world.

Luova Finland

Luova Finland offers personalised guide services for Chinese.

Orton Oy

Orton provides orthopaedic joint replacements and spinal surgery and in cooperation with HUS Helsinki University Hospital other demanding specialized medical services eg. oncology and cancer surgery as well as private childbirth services.